Heat and Cold Therapy

Alternating between heat and cold therapy provides excellent results for treatment. Ice packs may be used for a 5 to 20 minute window to numb the back and then switched to a heating pad. Hot water bottles or heat wraps are used to restore blood flow and promote a faster healing.

Heat Therapy

Your chiropractor may use heat therapy to help loosen and relax your tissues to briefly relieve tension and prepare your tissues for more intensive handling. During this treatment, heat wraps or hot water bottles will be applied to your affected area for 5 to 20 minutes.

Heat therapy can improve your joint health by enlarging your blood vessels, allowing your joints to loosen. Improving circulation in the area being treated can help speed up healing and make your joints more flexible so they can be easily adjusted.

Heat therapy should provide a pleasingly warm sensation in your skin and underlying tissue. Your skin may be somewhat red after treatment but the heat should not burn it.

Cold Therapy

Your chiropractor may also use cold treatments, also known as cryotherapy to improve your joint health. During this treatment, ice or a cold compress will be applied to your affected area for 5 to 20 minutes.

Cold therapy shrinks your blood vessels to relax your muscles, alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and desensitize the treatment area. Cryotherapy is exceptionally helpful directly after experiencing an injury to help relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Cold therapy should provide a numbing and comfortably cool sensation. Your application should not be so intense that there is damage your skin.

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